Old Notes (Fall 2010)

  • Possible questions to explore for each product:
    • What can they do? What can't they do?
    • How do they work?
    • Differences between products / comparisons with other products.
    • What libraries are using it? Are any nearby libraries using it?
    • Cost and staff time - during initial setup and to support it once it's running. Who does this work? How much of their time does it take?
    • Do the products interface with other software? Link resolvers, other discovery layers?

  • 360 Features:
    • Clustering
    • Faceting
    • De-duping
    • Simple and advanced interfaces
    • XML API
    • According to SS website "It combines the two leading federated search engines – 360 Search and WebFeat"; assume this means it is absorbing WebFeat?
    • "integrates with any OpenURL link resolver", which should include sfx.
    • Works with most proxy services
    • Create subject specific search boxes and embed in any web pages.
    • Customize to match library's brand.
    • Large collection of connectors (5000+) from merging of 360 and WebFeat
    • Area Libraries Using

See Rice, Fondren Library for use of Aqua Browser w/ 360 search. (2/2013 note - I don't think they use this anymore)

Promotional website: "As part of your AquaBrowser 3 subscription, your patrons will find materials not only in your library’s catalog, but also in your library’s two most popular local resources. . What’s more, you can give users access to article content through our complimentary integration with your library’s 360 Search federated search subscription."

Promotional email, 12/7/09:
  • New and Improved 360 Search - available in mid-December 2009: The best of the library's leading federated search services, 360 Search and WebFeat, will be combined together to form the single most powerful federated search service. The new and improved 360 Search service will search more resources and provide better access to them, while enabling subscribers to take advantage of a customizable user interface, online administration console, consortium support, new peer-reviewed and full-text search filters, and support for over 20 languages.
  • Find out more by attending a live informational webinar on December 8, December 9, December 16, or December 17 , download our new 360 Search brochure, or contact us 360@serialssolutions.com.