TAG, MB, KD meet 5.04.2010 to put together presentation

  • Review schedule
  • Review progress since last week (see 4.27 mtg notes)
  • Presentation parts review
  • Pick a time to suggest to George / WIlliam for a run-through / comments
  • Strategies for gathering feedback

  • Review schedule
  • Review progress since last week
    • Checking schedules of key attendees:
      • Send as meeting request?
        • Possible text:
          • Hello! The library technology committee is planning to have a presentation/discussion on federated search on Thursday, May 27 at 11 a.m. in the Fischbach Room. Please click "accept" above if this time works for you, or "decline" if it doesn't.We will be inviting the entire library staff to attend, but we wanted to verify the date/time with some key people before we finalize it.
          • Our goal with this presentation/discussion is to open a dialog about federated search at RPI and gather feedback on whether we should look more deeply into our options for implementing federated search at RPI. We will give an overview of the current landscape of federated search), and then open things up for discussion. We would really appreciate your attendance!
          • [Signed]
  • Re; Wiki feedback:
    • offer one-on-one wiki walkthrough
      • right after presentation or as needed. stress availability.
      • Katie can do a quick and dirty video
  • Presentation parts review
    • still need to figure out:
      • timing
      • handout?
      • Strategies for encouraging discussion / conversation / questions at the end
        • come up with some questions to prompt conversation if there aren't many from the audience.
          • Pros and cons of federated search?
            • pro: people ask for it
            • con: lost specificity, specialized tools in indiv databases. how to tell people what's in there and what's not? Learning curve.
  • Pick a time to suggest to George / WIlliam for a run-through / comments
    • Thursday 12th (next week), and a runthrough day before or same day?
  • Strategies for gathering feedback
    • wiki part
    • stress in-person availability to chat about this stuff. or email! or phone!
      • with peoples' permission, we can add their ideas to the wiki.
    • At the meeting, offer to set up follow-up in-person meeting if people want to talk about it in a group after they've had a chance to think about it.

To Do
  • KD: Experiment with Adobe Connect
    • Linda and Katie are going to experiment together on Friday or early next week.
    • Went well. Easy to set up. Linda was able to hear me and see my screen, I was able to hear her and see her screen when I gave her permission to set these things up.
    • KD still needs to experiment with recording.
  • KD: set up meeting w/ bob to talk about: Done. NOTES
    • how does the decision get made to further explore this or not?
      • Ask Bob about this. Is it him, tech committee, librarians, management team? some combination of those?
      • Another Bob question: Funding: is the Fixman fund for things like this?
  • KD: What was William's Google Scholar idea?
    • If Google Scholar had an API (which it doesn't), we could use that to pull Google Scholar results and combine them with stuff like catalog results (using Z39.50). No API, though, so no go.
  • KD: Make a wiki signup / edit walkthrough on camtasia
  • KD: Set up a run-through with Wm and George Thursday 12th (next week), and a runthrough day before or same day?
    • Both Wm and GWB can come to the runthrough.
  • KD: make agenda for next meeting
  • Everyone: work on presentation - finish your slides by the day before we get together.
  • Check dates with key attendees.
    • KD: note / mtg request to key attendees
      • Done - only one ref/bi person replied no.
    • KD: follow up w/ George, William
      • George ok, Wm may not be in town
    • KD: (when we get these people nailed down) send out general note to library staff - save the date. and then another reminder to everyone week of the presentation.