TAG, MB, KD meet 5.12.2010 to run presentation and review each others' slides

  • Review schedule
  • Review progress since last week (see 5.04 mtg notes)
  • Run presentation and review slides

  • Worked on regularizing terminology
  • we'll meet again the week of the presentation. want to put the whole thing into powerpoint.
To Do (before presentation Thursday 5/27)
  • KD: Experiment with Adobe Connect
    • KD still needs to experiment with
      • recording and miking the audience for the discussion section?
      • KD has a number for a guy in media services who might be able to help, or help us get the right kind of mike to record the presenter part through Adobe Connect. Otherwise we'll have to go with speakerphone for Hartford to get audio.
      • Spoke w/ Chris Saccento today. He said they'd probably be able to modify the wireless mic in the Fischbach room to feed into the computer instead of the room's speakers (which is what it does now), but not this week. (Media Ops is busy with commencement.) For our presentation this week, he suggests putting the desktop mic on the lectern and presenting from there.
  • KD: Make a wiki signup / edit walkthrough on camtasia
    • Made rough recording, needs editing.
  • KD: make agenda for next meeting
  • DONE KD: send out general note to library staff - save the date. and then another reminder to everyone week of the presentation.
  • Get the whole thing into one powerpoint presentation
    • Thurs a.m.?