TAG, MB, KD meet 6.16.2010 : what to include in final report? How to get it done?

  • What to include in final report? How to structure it?
  • How to get it done? What needs to happen next?
    • Purpose?
      • To Bob? To staff?
        • both - clarify things
      • clarification of our main points from presentation.
      • Expressing neutrality and opinions at the same time?
        • including opinions
        • people seem amenable to further investigation.
        • what we look for in further investigation could come out of opinions

      • Brief is good.
  • Sections
    • short overview - what we did, what the purpose of this report is?
    • findings
      • fed search / discovery blurry
      • open source stuff
      • no perfect solution at any price.
      • staff comments (including us)
      • Single paragraph at end of our recommendation to continue & why
    • recommendations / what to look at next?
      • discovery interfaces
      • address people's questions
      • actual products (including costs)
      • who to involve / how much
        • people who are useful in consortial stuff
      • actual installations: visit local people, visit further-away folks while traveling
      • how should continuing investigation be structured?
          • what kind of time commitment is reasonable for committee members / others
          • Who to talk to about how to structure process?
            • linda knaack's person at III
            • bart @ RIT (Mr. ConnectNY)
            • oregon state - Terry Reese.

  • KD Ask Michelle?
  • MB will do a draft next week (draft by end of next week)
  • KD sets meeting for week of 28th for draft suggestions.