• Possible questions to explore for each product:
    • What can they do? What can't they do?
    • How do they work?
    • Differences between products / comparisons with other products.
    • What libraries are using it? Are any nearby libraries using it?
    • Cost and staff time - during initial setup and to support it once it's running. Who does this work? How much of their time does it take?
    • Do the products interface with other software? Link resolvers, other discovery layers?

Older notes (Fall 2010)

  • Initial request this fall from ref group to look at this one.
  • Hartford is interested in it, too.
  • I think they have some kind of tiered pricing

EBSCO is marketing a suite of products as their their "Complete Discovery Solution":
  1. Discovery Service- search interface to a local combined index of:
    1. subscribed EBSCO databases and
    2. metadata from participating publishers*
    3. library catalog
    4. institutional repository
    Has a EBSCO-ish interface and also includes the kind of content we license from Syndetics - book jackets, summaries, links to reviews, etc.
  2. Integrated Search - Covers resources that can't be locally indexed through the Discovery Service. This is a more traditional federated search, where "connectors" enable queries to be passed to external databases and have the results pass back.
  3. A-to-Z (e-resources list, like our e-journals list only also includes e-books, publisher packages)
  4. LinkSource (a link resolver, like SFX)

  • "Alexander Street Press, LexisNexis, NewsBank, Readex and more."
    • *not sure if they include many of the specialty / scitech collections that we'd be most interested in.

"In a move likely to appeal to librarians at cash-strapped institutions, EBSCO will offer what it's calling the Basic Discovery Index free of charge for existing customers. This initial tier will include metadata from "100 percent of the records in Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, MasterFILE Complete," and the other articles and abstracts of the major secondary databases to which EBSCO provides subscription access."


  • How seamless is the result set returned when you have both Discovery Service (locally indexed stuff) and Integrated Search (distributed query) results returned together? (They do actually return results together, don't they?)
  • Can you actually buy just the Integrated Search without the Discovery Service?

From: EBSCO Publishing []
Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 2:10 PM
To: Dunn, Kathryn M.
Subject: The British Library’s Electronic Table of Contents File (ETOC) Now Part of EBSCO Discovery Service
Dear Customers,
EBSCO Publishing is pleased to announce a new partnership that will add the British Library’s Electronic Table of Contents File (ETOC) to EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS). ETOC was created to identify journal articles and conference papers from the British Library’s Document Supply collections. ETOC includes more than 36.5 million records providing broad subject coverage across all academic disciplines with 2.5 million articles being added each year.
ETOC combines article-level access to the top 20,000 research journals requested from the British Library along with papers from 16,000 annual conference proceedings—totaling nearly 40 million records. The content goes back to 1993 and ETOC is updated daily. The addition of ETOC to EBSCO Discovery Service means EDS customers have an added resource to augment the deep, broad indexing and the complexity of subjects already available from the vast and growing discovery service from EBSCO.
The ETOC files gives EDS an even broader reach into important subject areas and further extends the value of EBSCO Discovery Service and its ability to facilitate full discovery of any library’s collection.
If you are researching options for discovery services and would like to learn more about EDS, please contact us at or visit us at
Kind regards,
Susan Entrican
Programs Manager
EBSCO Publishing
Learn about our Discovery Solution:


Last page has some libraries using this?
Had a hard time finding links to this service on their sites, though.


external image File?id=dhtw2mwz_11j7n2w64p_b
external image File?id=dhtw2mwz_11j7n2w64p_b

EBSCO Discovery Service can be combined with EBSCOhost Integrated Search, a federated search tool, to provide access to resources not available in the Discovery Service index.
Image from: COuldn't find an installation of the EBSCO products "in the wild"