Explorit webinar 2010.12.15

  • George Mason University
  • Stanford University
  • government
  • Corporate customers: intel, etc.

Why they're better
  • clustering of concepts
  • Better connectors - like you're searching the database in the native interface
  • real-time search (no waiting for index to update)
  • Search Builder (stanford)
    • individual search pages that only search a subset of the sources that are available.

Q: how do you monitor sources?
  • Actively: use people, tools

Q: Can you build a connector to this source (our current provider can't)
  • They can in almost every case, and they do it quickly.

  • Features
    • ranking
    • smart dedup
    • ...

Live Demo at HEC Paris - a business school. Developed with Swets.
external image moz-screenshot-2.pngscreen1.gif

  • plus boxes reveal sources

  • results revealed immediately, before all are returned. then you get a popup that more results are available, click ok and it reranks results.
  • 100 results returned from each source by default. can change default by database.
  • Can include library catalog
  • Search builder
    • enter username and password
    • choose your sources
    • can create search widget - html code to include a search box on any webpage.
      • has persistent url - link to it, or email it.
  • can create alerts based on your searches
  • Limiting / clustering
    • topics, authors, sources, dates,
  • Select items, add to a shopping cart
    • download in RIS, send to endnote, print, email.
  • Search statistics, clickthrough statistics, cna add other functions.
    • response time of each source.
  • pricing model
    • it's all hosted, though they do have an installed version
    • based on number of connectors, number of students.
  • Can you limit by full-text or peer-reviewed?
    • not yet, but they're working on it.
  • When is the "more results" box triggered?
    • didn't really answer this one clearly
  • Can you authenticate through proxy or LDAP?
    • Yes. They've done it a lot.
  • There are a lot of installations available online
    • Science.gov
    • scitopia.org
  • key features
    • incremental display of search results
    • intelligent clustering
    • powerful connectors
    • search builder.
external image moz-screenshot-3.png