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  • Possible questions to explore for each product:
    • What can they do? What can't they do?
    • How do they work?
    • Differences between products / comparisons with other products.
    • What libraries are using it? Are any nearby libraries using it?
    • (less concerned about this initially) Cost and staff time - during initial setup and to support it once it's running. Who does this work? How much of their time does it take?
    • Do the products interface with discovery layers? Which ones?


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  • 5 relevant results, Sept. 2006 - July 2008
  • TRINITY U CHOOSES INNOVATIVE. Advanced Technology Libraries, Jul2008, Vol. 37 Issue 7, p6-6, 1/3p; (AN 32931263)
    • Abstract: "The article reports that the Elizabeth Huth Coates Library of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas has chosen the Millennium integrated library system provided by Innovative Interfaces in Emeryville, California. The library also selected Innovative Interfaces' Electronic Resource Management, Research Pro federated search and Encore discovery services platform. The library purchased the Millennium core system. The Millennium core system is licensed for frive staff users and an unlimited number of OPAC users."
      • not much more info in the actual article

Web search:
Research Pro Select: Interview with Product Manager Sarah Hickman
  • "Whether you use Research Pro, Innovative’s federated search tool, or a competitor’s offering, Research Pro Select is the fast way to bring trusted resources into the Encore environment. Even if you have no federated-search product in place, Research Pro delivers just the same. This short interview with Sarah Hickman, Product Manager for Research Pro Select, unpacks the product’s features and the simple steps to making it live in your Encore implementation."

The Birth of Catalog 2.0: Innovative Interfaces’Encore Discovery Platform (2007)
  • Good general description of faceted browse
  • As of the article's writing, Encore couldn't combine results from Research Pro and the catalog - only let you toggle between separate lists(p.15, para. 2)

Libraries using it: