(Oregon State University) (open source)

User features:
  • Sort by relevance or date.
  • Can refine your initial search by facets (Subject, Author, source database, etc.).
  • Can search different groups of resources (only librarian-defined, though?)
  • Nice interface - seems more clear to me what's going on than in some other ones I've seen, and clear feedback should make it more likely for the user to wait for the result set.
    • Tells you what has been returned from what database so far.
    • Progress bar to keep you informed on how it's doing on the resource it's searching.
    • User has option to stop the search. "Click the 'Stop Searching' button to stop the search where it is at and see the current result set. Note: this may mean that the most relevant results would not be returned"

Technical features:
  • Has its own internal link resolver, or can also play nice with SFX.
  • Database of some "connectors" available
  • Caches results to improve speed on subsequent similar searches.
  • Can locally index harvestable collections.
  • Web-based admin
  • Option to display thumbnail of image results (from local repository?)

OSU Libraries (developing organization for LibraryFind) is currently switching to Serials Solutions Summon.

Other libraries using it

Oregon State Library ?
  • Thought I saw somewhere that this would be the first non-academic library to implement LibraryFind
  • "Research Tools" page: "Search Popular Databases Simultaneousy" directs to a Serials Solutions page (don't have permission to get in any further.) 360 search, maybe?

Georgia Tech?

University of Houston?



  • If we continue on to a further exploration of federated search, and we're interested in LibraryFind, we should call Terry Reese and ask about the motivation to switch from LibraryFind to another product and what's going to happen with future development of LibraryFind.
  • Did this actually search a bunch of databases, plus their catalog, plus local institutional repository? That seems impressive. Wonder what systems they're using for all of these


external image File?id=dhtw2mwz_826wr2sv5_b
Shows information on the progress of the search (including what databases are being searched) while the user waits for results.

external image File?id=dhtw2mwz_9g3sn3wgx_b
Results page. The user can refine results using the facets in the left column. Results are sorted by relevance by default, but the user can also sort by author or date.